Environmental Law

Our Experience

Paying attention to land, maritime, and air environment has become a major concern for many countries around the world. This concern stems from the major challenges ensuing from the aggravation of the environment deterioration. Hani Qurashi Legal group has extensive experience in this field embodied in the following spheres:

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  • Providing advices and filing statements of claim and statements of defense for the environmental issues related to rights and obligations stated within local environmental regulations and regional and international treaties.
  • Drafting projects and facilities contracts in line with the obligations provided for in environmental laws and regulations.
  • Filing statements of claim ensuing from environmental damages, and giving legal advice to private and public entities pertaining to the environmental projects.
  • Providing legal advices on the specifications and criteria of recycling waste and toxicant waste, and giving legal opinion on reforming and upgrading of environmental standards of factories and economic projects.
  • Providing legal advice on the environmental quality criteria and all environmental standards.


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