Corporate & Commercial

Hani Qurashi Legal group offers legal services in the area of commercial and company law.

Our Experience

  • Drafting partnership agreements.
  • Restructuring companies, and dissolution of companies.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Preparing comprehensive examination reports (Due Diligence Report)
  • Taking the necessary actions for the initial public offering (IPO).
  • Providing legal advice on the obligations and rights provided for in various
    commercial laws and commercial papers: bills of exchange, cheques and promissory
  • Providing legal advice pertaining to violations of banking control law; Regulations for
    companies; insurance regulations; Zakat and Income Tax Law; Commercial Court
    Law, Money-laundering Law; Capital Market Law.
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As a provider of legal services, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for businesses and corporations. Our services include drafting partnership agreements, restructuring and dissolving companies, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, preparing due diligence reports, assisting with initial public offerings, and providing legal advice on various commercial laws and regulations. Our expertise extends to obligations and rights provided for in commercial papers such as bills of exchange, cheques, and promissory notes, as well as advising on violations of financial regulations including banking control law, insurance regulations, tax laws, and money-laundering law. Our goal is to provide businesses with expert legal guidance and support to help them navigate complex legal issues and achieve their goals.

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